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Consumer Services.

Remote Legal Counsel

Whether your a freelancer or business owner, remote legal counsel can be the cost-effective solution for your legal needs. 

Solace Law offers a variety of comprehensive legal services tailored to your need and budget.


If you are a freelancer in need of professional contracts:


We have you covered

If you are a small business in need of on-demand access to legal counsel:


We have you covered

If you are in a dispute and don't know where to turn:


We have you covered

Remote Legal Counsel allows you to receive high quality legal services from the comfort of your home or office. 

Law Firm Support Services.

Litigation Support Services

  • Law & Motion Drafting 

  • Settlement Demand Drafting 

  • Legal Research 

  • Discovery Drafting & Management​

  • International Deposition Coverage 

  • Remote Of-Counsel Services

  • Legal Proofreading 

  • Remote Associate On-Demand

Please contact us today to inquire about our broad range of litigation support services. 

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